Terms and Conditions

This agreement on terms and conditions (“Terms”) governs the relationship between the site owner and provider (“We”) and the site member (“You”) on usage of JWRoom.org site (“Site”).

Main requirements on members

During the registration process, you agreed that you meet the requirements on age and affiliation to Jehovah’s Witnesses. You are both at least 18 years old and actively serving in a congregation as a baptized Jehovah’s Witness.

Termination of right to use

Your right to use the site is tightly bound to your affiliation with a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation. If you become inactive within the congregation or even if you leave fellowship or become disfellowshipped, please deactivate your account temporarily. As soon as you meet the requirements again, you may reactivate the account respectively. Users who do not report a such change in their situation will get permanent ban. Further, your right to use the site may be terminated if you do not adhere to the Terms and Conditions when using the site.

Bona fide

You are obliged to use the Site in good faith and in conformity with the site goals stated on the site web. You must not use the Site to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.

Nondelegable permission

You personally agree to the Terms and Conditions during the process of registration. You are not allowed to delegate or assign or provide your rights or login credentials to anyone. You are responsible to maintain the credentials safe. You must not impersonate any other person. We reserve the right to terminate your permission to use the site if we find out that you use the site without complying with its Terms and Conditions. We may inform you about the reasons for the termination, but we are not obligated to do so.

Right to use your content

For content covered by intellectual property rights, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content that you post. The license ends when you delete your content or your account. We may use any results of your activity on the site, including but not limited to posted content, for statistical purposes. If you provide certain content or information to others, we are not responsible for what they will do with the content or information.

Abusive or misleading content

You are responsible for all content or information provided on your profile or exchanged with other users. You are not allowed to publish abusive, obscene, harassing, unlawful, hateful, threatening, harmful, fanatic content or content that may violate any applicable laws and  regulations. You must not post copyrighted material on the site. You must not post anything untrue such as false personal information. You must not mislead other members in any way. We reserve the right to remove or modify the content which is improper in our view, but we are not responsible for doing so.

Child abuse

As you know, Jehovah’s Witnesses are extremely against any kind of child abuse.
If someone try to infiltrate among us with inappropriate material, trying to introduce child pictures or contact you for permissive purpose, such conduct will be reported to the Authorities.

Asking money, commercial content

Asking money from users is strictly forbidden. You are not allowed to publish advertising content or send commercial messages without our prior permission.


Your privacy is important to us. We will not wittingly disclose any of your private details, including your name, email or other content if we are not obligated to do so to comply with applicable laws.

Communication with members

It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy or truthfulness of any information published by other members. Be careful! You must not harass, bully, intimidate or abuse any member and you have to cease contacting a member who has behaved in this manner toward you. All users are advised to use caution before sharing their personal information, e-mail or other direct contacts. If you ask or offer direct contact without significant previous communication within the site, you are acting against our recommendations and your account may be terminated.


If You encounter vile, commercial, unlawful, copyrighted or any other improper content anywhere on the site or any kind of harmful behaviour from other members, you should immediately report the incident with as many details as possible. We have no general interest in getting involved in disputes between members, but it is up to us to choose appropriate steps to resolve abuse incidents.


We appreciate your suggestions or recommendations, but You understand, that We may use them without your prior consent or any obligation to compensate You financially.


We may decide to provide an arbitration in Your dispute with another member, but We are not responsible for doing so. It is your responsibility to ensure, that your communication with others is lawful and harmless. Please note, we have no means to supervise or avoid any abuse once You decide to meet someone in person. It is your responsibility to use common sense and make wise decisions. 

Warranty & Subscriptions

The service is provided “as-is”, without warranty of any kind. We do our best to keep JWRoom.org safe and harmless, but we cannot guarantee it. We can not take the responsibility for the deletion of or failure to store your content or for publishing your private content by any loss, failure or trouble caused to you by members of the site.

All subscriptions are automatically renewed according to the plan of your choice unless you cancel it. If you cancel before the renewal date, you won’t be charged the additional month. But if you cancel after it has been renewed you wont get any refund for the cancelation.

Liability for damage

You agreed to take your responsibility to cover any expenses from any loss, claim or damage, including attorney’s fees to us or third parties caused by your undue use of the site.

Modifications to Terms

We may modify the Terms and Conditions in our discretion from time to time. You will be informed about any change.


This agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States.


Provision invalid or unenforceable under applicable laws will not affect the applicability or effect of the provisions remaining.

A note from JWRoom

Please, keep in mind that the main purpose of this Virtual Meeting Place is to support friendship among our brotherhood. (Proverbs 17:17)
Always be honest in every information posted and shared to any contacts. (Psalms 5:6)

You may keep most of your information private for those who deserve your trust.
We are strictly against scamming. Never ever give money. When someone sweet asks money from you he or she is probably a scammer, please do not let him/her deceive you, instead report the incident immediately. We will do a thorough investigation and if it is confirmed that money solicitation occurred, it will lead to IMMEDIATE ACCOUNT TERMINATION. (Ecclesiastes 7:12)

Never post or share provocative or explicit content of any kind, including text, photos and links, otherwise your ACCOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED. (1 Peter 3:3) (Philippians 4:8)
Never use abusive or hateful speech in your dealings with your brothers. (Proverbs 12:18)

Always remember:

1-We are brothers and sisters.

2-You may keep your sensitive information private.

Help us to keep the site both clean and secure. Contact us reporting any abuse or misconduct here. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.


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